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About & Registration

Join us for the CHAFE 150 Family Fun ride! This 4 mile ride ride will start and finish at Sandpoint City Beach with a fun out and back ride on the Sand Creek Trail. There will be after ride activities at City Beach and a pre-ride safety presentation  All riders must wear helmets. Riders under the age of 13 requires a chaperone, who must pay. There can be 1 chaperone for multiple riders.  To register, simply click on the "Family Fun Ride" under "Registration," select "Special Events" and select "Races/Special Events." 


Route Maps

For the 150 and 80 routes:

There are two steep, but relatively short climbs on the 150 mile route, with grades up to 18% and 8%, out of Bonners Ferry, ID and Troy, MT. The 150 mile route is not recommended for inexperienced riders. 


For the 80 mile option riders and their bikes are bused to Troy after a hearty breakfast at Trinity at City Beach and the route follows the second half of the 150 mile route with a maximum grade is 8%.  Like the 2022 ride, the 2023 route takes you along the West side of the Clark Fork River and along Lake Pend Oreille on paved back roads to bypass busy sections of the U.S. Highway 200. 

The 40 mile and 25 mile routes are a perfect ride for anyone that wants to enjoy a scenic 2 to 3 hour ride through the beautiful Selle Valley northeast of Sandpoint with incredible views of the surrounding mountains, forests and wide open spaces.

The new 55 mile gravel route will be mostly along forest service roads and the backroads of Selle Valley. Riders will begin with breakfast at Trinity.  They will then be bussed along with their bikes to Clark Fork Idaho.  Riders will climb up Lightning Creek Road before descending on Trestle Creek Road to ride along Lake Pend Oreille until Lower Pack River Rd where they will ride until they join the CHAFE 40 mile route back to Sandpoint City Beach Park. 



In preparation for the ride, here are some important event details and FAQs:

Packet Pick-Up/Onsite Registrations
Friday, June 16 from 3-7 pm – on the lawn at City Beach. Stop by to meet other riders and enjoy complimentary refreshments! Remember, for those who have not fundraised or already paid their minimum donation, we will collect that $50 minimum donation at the time you pick up your registration packet.

Ride Day Schedule
5:00 a.m. Late packet pickup & registration opens at City Beach

150 Mile Riders
5:30-6:15 a.m. Complimentary breakfast at City Beach
6:30 a.m. START

80 Mile Riders
6:00-7:15 a.m. Complimentary breakfast at City Beach
6:00-6:45 a.m. Load bikes onto trucks at City Beach
7:00 a.m. Bike Truck Leaves for Troy Start Line
7:00-7:30 a.m. Riders load bus to 80 Mile Start Line in Troy, MT
7:30 a.m. Rider Bus leaves for Troy Start Line
9:00 a.m. PDT / 10 a.m. MT Arrive in Troy, retrieve bikes from bike corral
9:30 a.m. START

Gravel Riders

8:30-9:300 a.m. Complimentary breakfast at City Beach

9:00-9:30 a.m. Load bikes onto trucks at City Beach

9:30 a.m. Bike Truck Leaves

9:30-10:00 a.m. Riders load bus to Gravel Ride Start Line 


10:00 a.m. Rider Bus leaves for Gravel Ride Start Line


10:45 a.m. Arrive in Clark Ford, retrieve bikes from bike corral

11 a.m. START

40 & 25 Mile Riders
10:00- 11:00 a.m. Late packet pickup & registration opens at City Beach 
10:30-11:30 a.m. Complimentary continental breakfast at City Beach
Noon START at City Beach.


Family Fun Riders
11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. Late packet pickup & registration opens at City Beach
12:30 -1:00 p.m. Safety Presentation
1:00 p.m. START at City Beach

Course closes at 8:00 p.m. PDT Please plan accordingly.

2:00 to 8:00 pm the After-Ride Party. 150, 80, 40 and 25 and gravel route riders will receive a meal and 2 drink coupons. Additional meal and drink coupons can be purchased at the event. The majority of riders finish between 3-6 pm. Everyone, riders and non riders, are welcome to join the fun at the community-wide party!

Commemorative/Standard Jerseys

We are pleased to present the Commemorative Wool CHAFE Jersey. A limited number of jerseys will be available. Simply add the jersey to your registration on or purchase it onsite at the Merchandise Tent. 

Wool Jersey.jpg

Standard CHAFE jerseys can be purchased on or onsite at the Merchandise Tent. Custom designed, insulated water bottles, custom CHAFE socks, baseball caps and t-shirts will also be available at the event merchandise tent at registration and day of ride. 


When does the event take place?
The CHAFE 150 Gran Fondo will take place on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

What is the difficulty level of the ride? Do you need to be an expert rider to do it?
CHAFE 150 is of moderate difficulty. The route has no mountain passes or sustained climbs. The two steepest climbs are out of Bonners Ferry and Troy. The 150 mile ride length is the biggest factor for inexperienced riders. Riding with a group becomes important when doing a one day ride of this distance. The 80 mile option offers similar terrain with a more manageable distance. The average grade ranges from 2.1 percent to 3.9 percent.

For all routes, even the ones on country roads, group riding in packs of 2 or more side-by-side is discouraged and creates a serious safety risk to both yourself and other riders around you–don’t take the risk!

How much of my entry fee and any pledges I get goes to the cause?
Depending on how our overhead matches our sponsor’s contribution, it’s our goal to ensure 100% of the entry fee will go towards literacy programs in the Lake Pend Oreille School District. In the past 10 years, CHAFE 150 has donated over $525,000 to our schools and over $150,000 has been used for other Rotary Youth Service projects such as scholarships and leadership training.

Is there a minimum donation amount required?
Yes, riders agree to raise a minimum of $50. Riders 16 and under are required to raise a minimum of $25. This donation is separate from the registration fee and is easily raised through pledges. Riders may choose to make the donation themselves if they prefer not to fundraise. There are documents to help you drum up those donations on the About the Cause page.

Is this a race or a ride?
This is a ride with camaraderie and fun stops along the way. That being said, it is also a Gran Fondo, meaning the ride will be timed and riders will start en masse at City Beach or in Troy, depending on the distance chosen. Those of you who love a good challenge will have the urge to set a goal for yourself!

Do you allow Electric Bikes?
CHAFE 150 only allows E Bike riders on the 25 and 40 mile routes. It is important to note that because of the special nature of electric bikes, CHAFE 150 can not provide mechanical support or gear (SAG) for your bike. You will need to be prepared to change any flats and perform any mechanical needs as well as provide charging and storage for your battery.

What kind of food will you have at the rest stops?
It varies every year, but you can expect food such as bagels and fruit, energy bars, sandwiches, chips, cookies, peanut butter and nutrition products to keep you fueled and hydrated.

Do you provide mechanical and SAG support along the route?
Yes, there will be mechanical support and SAG support on all timed routes.

What time do the rides start?
The 150 mile ride starts at 6:30 am at City Beach in Sandpoint. The 80 mile rides start at 9:30 am PT/10:30 am MT in Troy, MT. The 40 and 25 mile rides start at 12:00 noon.

Is the ride in Pacific or Mountain Time Zone?
Sandpoint is in Pacific Time zone. Once you enter Montana you will be in Mountain Time Zone (one hour ahead).  

How will the route be marked?
The route will be marked with arrows and paint circles with the letter “C” inside the circle.

What kind of electrolytes will be served on the course?
Energy drinks will be served at all six break stops.

What is the weather typically like in Sandpoint in mid-June?
Average temperatures in mid–June are mid to upper 70 degrees F, with mostly clear skies and calm to gentle breezes. Sunset is around 7:30 p.m.

Where should I park?
Please use the city parking lot on 3rd Street. This is roughly 4 blocks from the start line. Please do not park at City Beach or at the Edgewater Hotel. You will be towed if you park at the Edgewater. We encourage you to ride your bike to the start line at City Beach from your hotel.

Is there a photographer for the event?
Yes, Jason Duchow of Jason Duchow Photography captures outstanding images and posts them online for viewing, where you may order prints or digital downloads. You can see his CHAFE 150 galleries at

I would like to be a sponsor. Who do I contact about that?
Thank you very much for your sponsorship offer! You can contact the CHAFE team here.

I would like to volunteer for the event. Who do I contact about that?
Thank you very much for your interest! You can contact the CHAFE team here.

What if it turns out I can’t ride?

We look forward to seeing you at CHAFE 150, however, we understand that life happens. While there are NO REFUNDS for the event, we have created two options for you in case of an emergency and you can not ride. Please review the following procedures:

You may transfer your registration to another rider. This must be completed at least 15 days before the event (by June 3, 2023).


Please follow these steps for transferring your registration:

  • Go to your Active account and login

  • Click your name in the upper right side and choose My Events

  • Click Transfer registration to another athlete and enter recipient email address in email address field and click confirm

  • Then click Submit

A confirmation email verifying the transfer process will be sent to you and to the new rider. Email us and let us know that you’ve completed the transfer through Active.

PLEASE NOTE: Registrations for riders under 18 can only be viewed and transferred by the guardian who registered them. Registrations made by someone else on your behalf (if you are an adult) can be transferred by that person or by yourself. Registrations for those who are part of a group-registration team cannot be transferred. Transfers may only be completed into the same category – if the original registration was for the 80 mile route, the new registration must also be for the 80 (the new rider may change event categories after the fact by contacting us). If a rider transfers categories BEFORE attempting to transfer the registration to someone else, the process can’t be completed. The newest price is applied at checkout when the recipient accepts the transfer. Because of the different rates for the routes, the current price could be higher than that for the original rider. The original registration fee is not refunded until the new rider accepts and completes the transfer process. processing fees are not refunded. Once the recipient has accepted and completed the transfer, the original registrant will be canceled and refunded. Refunds are processed within 5-7 business days.

IMPORTANT! Your donations will NOT be transferred, but will be contributed in your name for the current year. The new rider will need to raise the minimum donation amount required for that route and age category.

You may defer your registration to the following year. You must make your request more than 30 days (May 18, 2023) in advance of the ride. No deferments will be accepted less than 30 days. Contact us with a request for a deferment.

PLEASE NOTE: Your rider fundraising donations will NOT be deferred. They will be applied to the current year. Exceptions will be considered, but must be approved by CHAFE prior to the event.

Chafe Newsletter
Sign up for the official CHAFE newsletter for the latest updates on registration dates, apparel, and more!


Hotels & Lodging

Visit Sandpoint Hotels & Lodging for a directory for every hotel, motel and B&B in the greater Sandpoint area. Link to book lodging online; also, links to directories of all area campgrounds.

The Best Western Edgewater Resort is offering discounted rooms for Chafe riders. Please call them directly at (208) 263-3194 to receive the discount. 

Local Activities


Sandpoint is a vacation destination! Come ride the CHAFE 150 and then stay and play. Lounge on the white sand beaches of Lake Pend O’reille at Sandpoint’s City Beach, rent a paddle board, get out on a boat tour of the lake, and enjoy summer activities at Schweitzer Mountain. Bring the family and explore the area!

Visit Sandpoint
For planning a visit to Sandpoint, check this official online visitor guide provided by the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce. Guides to activities, lodging, events and more.


Local Bike Shops

Greasy Fingers Bikes N Repair at 108 N. Third Ave., 208-255-4496

Greasy Fingers Bikes N Repair is a Silver Sponsor of the CHAFE 150 ride and on ride day, you will see their mechanics on the course to help with any bike issues you may have. Voted Bonner County’s Best Bike Shop for 10 consecutive years, Greasy Fingers is conveniently located in downtown Sandpoint. They stock thousands of parts and accessories and have professional, career mechanics available to keep the time off your bike to a minimum. Be sure to stop in and say “Hi”!


Cycling Resources

Pend Oreille Pedalers
Link up to the local bicycle advocacy group, offering organized group rides and area riding information, as well as championing rider issues.

International Selkirk Loop
The first leg of the CHAFE 150 ride north to Bonners Ferry is along a portion of this 280-mile scenic driving tour that loops up into Canada — the continent’s only 2-state, 2-country driving tour. The Loop also has another Rotary sponsored epic ride, The WaCanId Ride. Learn more about this magnificent ride at

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