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Bike Maintenance Tips

Take care of your bike and your bike will take care of you! Here are our top tips for ensuring you have a smooth, fantastic ride experience:

  • Check that your tires are not worn and are at the proper inflation.

  • Check that your handlebars are tight.

  • Check that your brakes are responsive, check pads for wear and alignment of the pads with the rims.

  • Check that your saddle and seat post are tight.

  • Check your chain for bad links, clean and make sure it’s lubed with bicycle chain lube.

  • Check that your gears change smoothly.

  • Check that your pedals and cranks are tight.

  • Check your shoes for tight cleats, straps and buckles.

  • Check your helmet for proper fit and worn straps. Manufacturers recommend a helmet be replaced after impact or every 5 years as the helmet materials break down and become less impact-resistant.

  • Check that you have a bicycle repair kit with a proper size tube, tire levers and inflation device (CO2 or hand pump). Don’t worry if you are not comfortable fixing a flat as we will have mechanical support during the ride.

  • We also strongly recommend that your bike be checked by your local bike shops before the ride. There will be mechanical support throughout the ride but they will only be on hand to fix road side mechanical issues.


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